• The robot is  run using Android as its brain on a microcontroller based architecture.The robot is controlled by owner speech .
  • The robot has a camera through which it can detect faces and capture frontal facial images.It then uses these images to display the user information obtained from Facebook ( using Facebook APIs) or Twitter ( using Twitter APIs). The image if not a face is searched using Google Goggles .If the image is unknown , it can be taught to it that what it represents . This is subsequently added to a server which connects to it.
  •  It also allows a user to write something on paper and continue with it later by making a text file from the image of the written document using OCR , thus integrating digital and real world.
  •  The output of data and information is in the form of speech and/or a projection on any screen. 
  •  It can also record videos and stream them, thus can be used for surveilance as well.It keeps a track of its movements using GPS on the phone and plots the path traced on a map.

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Android Omniscient Bot

Computer Science Association, BITS Pilani.