Project IDEA

 Self Navigational and Social Networking Robot.


  •  To make an autonomous robot with Android as its brain.The robot would run on the commands given by its owner , in speech.It would also be able to distinguish between known people and strangers, provide information on a topic in speech and visual form ( by projecting on a screen ) and carry work/entertainment with it for user convenience .


  •  The robot is controlled by an Android mobile phone.Its hardware based on Arduino also has a micro controller,DC motors for movement and proximity and optical sensors.
  • The robot is controlled by speech of the owner.
  • The phone's camera is used to take pictures and record videos. It makes use of Facebook/Twitter APIs,internet and its own database at the server to fetch information.It uses Google Goggles to find information about anything the user wants to know from picture of any object/text.
  • Information is projected on to a screen via a projector on the robot or spoken out.
  • It uses OCR to identify text in image.
  • It uses Android APIs for face detection.
  • Speech Recognition is used to allow user to interact with the robot via simple commands and words.
  • It keeps a track of its movement using GPS on the mobile and Google Earth APIs. 


  •  The robot serves the purpose of an intelligent/entertaining companion.It runs on the speech commands given by the owner and reponds intelligently.Output is given via a projector or in speech form.
  •  It also allows integration of real and virtual world by allowing workspace to be carried into the digital world using of OCR.
  • It also provides ready information to anythingvia the internet and Google Goggles 
  •  It can also be used for purposes of surveilance ( to detect if there is any unknown object or person by taking its image and searching for it in its database) or spying.It can be programmed to follow any suspicious activity.
  •  It will be one of the first Android supported bots in India

  BOT Makers and Developers

1. Ramakrishna Reddy Kunreddy +91-9571552895  (ME Computer Science)

2. Ruchir Hajela (ME Software Systems)

3. Rishabh Mehrotra , +91-9014516301(BE Computer Science)

4. Rushabh Agrawal, +91-9571552740 (BE Computer Science)

5. Shitanshu Chandra, +91-957155743 (BE Electrical and Electronics)

6. Nipun Jain (BE Computer Science)

7. Aman Guptha (BE Computer Science)

8. Rohit Bhat  (BE Computer Science)



                                                            Computer Science Association , BITS Pilani .


If you have further questions please visit your contact page, and let us know.


Android Omniscient Bot

Computer Science Association, BITS Pilani.