Android Omniscient Bot

  •  Welcome to Android Omniscient BOT project website.It is one of the challenging projects handled by few interested students from Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Institute.


  • To make an autonomous robot with Android as its brain.The robot would run on the commands given by its owner , in speech.It would also be able to distinguish between known people and strangers, provide information on a topic in speech and visual form ( by projecting on a screen ) and carry work/entertainment with it for user covenience.

  •  It won the First Prize in international Technical Festival APOGEE ,BITS Pilani in "Communication and Networks" Project Category.



 If you are interested to sponsor our project please visit Contact section you will find the project  Developers contact details.

 Computer Science Association,EEE Association, BITS Pilani. Jhunjhunu


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Android Omniscient Bot

Computer Science Association, BITS Pilani.